Formi contains a patented potassium diformate. 

Manufacturer´s main claim
Strong anti-microbial effect
Improves weight gain and feed conversion.

Technical specifications Formi

EU category Zootechnical additive
Functional group of additives Other zootechnical additives
Composition Potassium diformat: 98%
Silicate: max 1.5%
Water: max 0.5%
Heat stability The product was added to a complete feed and pelleted at temperatures ranging from 70°C to 110°C. The loss of activity amounted to 1.5 - 8.2%.
EU code 4d800
EU approval (content mg/kg complete feed) Sows: 10,000 - 12,000
End of period of EU authorisation Sows: 26 February 2020
An application in accordance with Article 7 has been submitted
Recommended dosage, kg/t feed Sows: 10-12 kg/t feed
Safety and handling It is recommended to use gloves, eye and respiratory protection
Storage stability Three different batches were tested for storage stability. Samples of the product were stored at either 25°C and 55-60% RH or 40°C and 75-100% RH for six months. When stored at the lowest temperature 97.4% of potassium diformate was recovered whereas 96.6% was recovered when stored at the highest temperature. When added to a vitamin-mineral premix there was virtually no degradation after 11 months storage at room temperature. The product was also added to complete feed and stored at 20°C for six months. After six months a loss of maximum 3% was observed.
Physical state of product and appearance White and free-flowing crystalline product with a bulk density of 900-1000 g/litre
Distribution in feed The product was added to either finely or coarsely ground feedstuff. The feedstuff was loaded and transport. After this process 10 samples were collected. The CV of these samples were 3.1 % for the fine meal and 2.2% for the coarse meal.
Producer Addcon

List of references

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