Fresta® F contains contains essential oil from caraway and lemon, dried herbs and spices. Fresta® is for use in pigs.

Manufacturer´s main claim
Supports intestinal health
Improves feed intake and feed conversion
Increases stress tolerance

Technical specifications Fresta® F

EU category Zootechnical additive
Functional group of additives Other zootechnical additives
Composition Caraway oil ≥ 0.75% (d-carvone: 3.5-6.0 mg/g)
Lemon oil ≥ 0.75% (limonene: 2.3 - 9.0 mg/g)
Clove powder: 1.5%
Cinnamon powder: 10%
Nutmeg powder: 1.5%
Onion powder: 5%
Pimento powder: 2%
Orange peel powder: 5%
Peppermint powder: 12.5%
Chamomile powder: 12.5%
EU code 4d6
EU approval (content mg/kg complete feed) Piglets: 250 - 400
End of period of EU authorisation 7 March 2022
Safety and handling It is recommended to use gloves, eye and respiratory protection
Storage stability Shelf life of the product was studied in products stored at either 25°C/60% RH (18 months) or 40°C/75% RH (6 months). Under both conditions losses of less than 10% of carvone and limonene were observed. The product was also added to a vitamin/mineral premixture and stored at the same temperatures and RH as above but for six months at both conditions. The content of carvone was reduced by 25% and limonene by 39% at 25°C. Losses were higher at 40°C.
Mash or pelleted feed supplemented with the product was stored for four months at the same temperatures and RHs as mentioned above. After four months the loss of carvone and limonene was less than 10%.
Heat stability No data
Physical state of product and appearance Bulk density is 0.55 kg/litre. Particle size ranges from 9 to 600 µm. 
Distribution in feed Homogeneity was tested in premixes, mash and pelleted feed supplemented with the product. Coefficient of Variance of carvone in the premix was 5.1%, in the mash feed 6.3% and in the pelleted feed 5.9%.
Producer Delacon

List of references

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Commission implementing Regulation (EU) No 131/2012 of 15 February 2012 concerning the authorisation of a preparation of caraway oil, lemon oil with certain dried herbs and spices as feed additive for weaned piglets (holder of authorisation Delacon Biotechnik GmbH). Official Journal of the European Union. L43/15