The Chelmax product range contains two products with copper: One with 10 % iron and one with 15 % iron. Chelmax contains an iron chelate of amino acids.  

Manufacturer´s main claim
The iron contained in the Chelmax product is characterised by the very high bioavailability.  

Technical specifications Chelmax Fe-10 and Chelmax Fe-15

EU category Nutritional additives
Functional group of additives Compounds of trace elements
Composition Iron chelate of amino acids hydrate
Active substance  The Chelmax products contain 10 or 15 % iron
EU code E1 
EU approval (content mg/kg complete feed) Ovines: 500 (total); Pet animals: 1250; Piglets up to one week before weaning: 250 mg/day; Other species: 750 (total)
End of period of EU authorisation Without a time limit. Following the provisions of Article 10 § 2 of Reg. (EC) No 1831/2003, an application, in accordance with Article 7, has been submitted
Safety and handling It is recommended to use gloves, eye and respiratory protection
Storage stability No stability data have been provided. Active substance unlikely to disappear
Physical state of product and appearance Brown to dark brown free-flowing powder. The product has a characterisc odour. Insoluble in water.  Bulk density ranges from 0.4 to 0.85 kg/litre
Producer Arkop

List of references

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