The two main constituents of the product Lancer® consist of two rare earth elements, lanthanum (La) and cerium (Ce), in their citrate forms. 

Technical specifications Lancer®

EU category Zootechnical additive 
Functional group of additives Other zootechnical additives
Composition Preparation of lanthanide citrate
Active substance  Lanthanide citrate: ≥65%
Sodium: 8-12%
Chloride: 8-12%
Water < 10% 
EU code 4d21
EU approval (total content mg/kg complete feed) Weaned piglets: 250
End of period of EU authorisation 22 October 2030
Safety and handling The additive and premixes shall be used with personal protective equipment, including skin, eyes and breathing protection
Storage stability No stability data have been provided. Active substances unlikely to disappear
Physical state of product and appearance The additive has a yellow, dry, crystalline and odourless powder. The relative density is 2.3 g/cm3. All particles in the product are below 100µm.
Homogeneity The capacity of the product to be mixed homogeneously into piglet feed was tested in nine subsamples. The analytical results showed a coefficient of variance of c. 10%.
Producer Treibacher Industrie AG

List of references

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Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1370 of 1 October 2020 concerning the authorisation of preparation of lanthanide citrate as a feed additive for weaned piglets (holder of authorisation Treibacher Industrie AG). Official Journal of the European Union. L 319/5-7