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Webinars - lessons learned during Covid 19

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  • Eating time

    Can computer-controlled eating time increase feed intake? Wet feeding is the dominating way of feeding grower-finisher pigs in, for example, Germany and Denmark. One of the significant advantages of liquid feeding is that the pigs can follow a...
  • How can swine producers cope with volatile prices

    How can swine producers cope with volatile prices? Pork producers are always looking for ways to improve productivity. The feed costs and pork prices seem to be even more volatile than they appeared to be. So in that context, the focus on swine...
  • Webinars and covid-19

    What I learned from pig webinars during the Covid-19 pandemic Webinars have certainly increased in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemics. The big question is whether the webinar trend will continue its' rise in popularity or quietly disappear?...