The product Econase® GT contains beta-glucanase for barley and oats based diets. The product is authorised for use in the EU in chickens for fattening and piglets.

Manufacturer´s main claims
Increases digestibility of nutrients thorugh reducing viscosity
Improves weight gain and feed efficiency
Reduced frequency of sticky droppings
Reduced amount of manure

Table 1. Technical specifications Econase® GT (solid or liquid)

EU category Zootechnical additives
Functional group of additives Digestibility enhancers
Active substance Endo-1,3(4)-beta-glucanase (EC
Enzymatic activity in the product Solid product: 200,000 BU/g
Liquid product: 400,000 BU/ml 
EU approval, minimum content Chickens for fattening: 20,000 BU/kg feed
Piglets (weaned): 10,000 BU/kg feed
End of period of EU authorisation 15 April 2024
EU code 4a20
Derived from microorganism Beta-glucanase: Trichoderma reesei (CBS 126896)
Product storage stability According to the manufacturer activity loss is less than 10% if the product is stored one year at 23°C
Storage stability in premixes and feed No data
Heat stability The manufacturer recommend to spray the liquid product post-pelleting if pelleting temperatures are higher than normal
Handling Breathing protection, glasses and gloves shall be used during handling
Producer Roal Oy / AB Vista 

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