The Quantum®  Blue phytase product from AB Vista is their latest phytase product specially optimised to degrade plant based phytate. The product is authorised for use in the EU in all avian and porcine species.

Manufacturer´s main claims
Unrivalled intrinsic thermostability
More complete phytate destruction
Greater phosphorus release
Increases feed efficiency

Table 1. Technical specifications Quantum® Blue (solid and liquid)

EU category Zoo-technical additive
Functional group of additives Digestibility enhancer
Active substance 6-phytase (EC
Phytase activity in the product Solid and liquid: 5,000 FTU/g
EU approval, minimum content Piglets (weaned): 500 FTU/kg feed
Pigs for fattening and sows: 250 FTU/kg feed 
Poultry other than laying birds: 250 FTU/kg feed
Laying birds: 150 FTU/kg feed
End of period of EU authorisation 11 April 2024
EU code 4a19
Production organism Trichoderma reesei (CBS 126897)
Donor organism Escherichia coli
Product storage stability According to the manufacturer loss of activity will be less than 10% within one year if stored at room temperature
Storage stability in feed No data 
Heat stability In one study mash feed supplemented with the product was pelleted at 75, 80, 85 and 90°C. After pelleting residual phytase activities were found to be 83, 97, 74 and 58%, 67%, respectively, of the initial phytase activity. Another study investigated the effect of pelleting at 65°C, 75°C, 85°C or 95°C. The corresponding resdiual activities of the product were: 99, 78, 38 and 21%, respectively.
Homogeneity No data.
Carrier Solid product: Wheat flour
Liquid product: Sorbitol, vegetable oil and sodium chloride
Handling Breathing protection, safety glasses and gloves shall be used during handling
Producer AB Vista

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