Quantum contains 6-phytase. The product is authorised for use in the EU in piglets and various avian species.

Quantum phytase is available both in dry and liquid forms. The product is furthermore available in two different concentrations.

Quantum Phytase products:

Quantum Phytase 5000 L
Quantum Phytase 2500 D

Manufacturer´s main claims
The product works across the pH range present in the upper GI tract
Intrinsically thermo-tolerant
Improves nutrient utilisation significantly
Improves performance consistently

Technical specifications Quantum Phytase 2500 D and 5000 L

EU category Zoo-technical additive 
Functional group of additives Digestibility enhancer
Active substance 6-phytase (EC
Phytase activity in the product (D): 2500 FTU/g;
(L): 5000 FTU/g
EU approval, minimum content No maximum content for the animal categories below
Piglets: 100 FTU/kg feed
Chickens for fattening: 500 FTU/kg feed
Laying hens: 250 FTU/kg feed
Ducks for fattening: 250 FTU/kg feed
Turkeys for fattening: 500 FTU/kg feed
End of period of EU authorisation EU authorisation expired 8 July 2018
EU code 4a5
Production organism Pichia pastoris (DSM 15927)
Donor organism Escherichia coli
Product storage stability Shelf life is minimum 6 months when stored below 21°C. Dry formulation: Shelf life is minimum 12 months when stored below 21°.The liquid formulation retained at least 80 % of the original phytase activity when stored foor 25 weeks at 21°C. The dry formulation retained 86 % of the original activity when stored for 18 months at 21°C.
Storage stability in feed No activity lost for 3 months when mixed into mineral premixes and stored at 22 °C or below. When mixed into feed 80 % of the activity remained when stored at 22°C. When the feed is store at 37 °C the activity will be considerable reduced.
Heat stability >85 % activity remains at temperatures up to 80°C. The rate of recovery is 70% when a conditioning temperature of 90°C is used.
Package size (D): 25 kg sacks; (L): 120 or 1000 ltr containers
Handling Precautions appropriate to protecting the user from the irritant and sensitising properties would be sufficient to protect against any likely inhalation toxicity.
Producer AB Vista Feed ingredients

List of References

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