GalliPro® is a probiotic product containing Bacillus subtilis authorised in the EU for use in chickens for fattening. 

Manufacturer´s main claims

Stimulates the enzyme secretion in the intestines.
Improves digestibility and availability of nutrients. 

Technical specifications GalliPro®

EU category Zootechnical additives
Functional group of additives Gut flora stabilisers
Active substance Bacillus subtilis (DSM 17299)
Activity in the product 1.6 x 109 CFU Bacillus subtilis per g product
EU approval Chickens for fattening: 8 x 108 CFU/kg feed with no maximum
End of period of authorisation Chickens for fattening: 26 February 2030
EU code 4b1821
Product storage stability 24 months from the date of manufacturer. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place at temperatures not exceeding 25°C
Storage stability in feed and premix Studies have shown negligible reductions in activity over time. After 18 months of storage at 25°C the rate of recovery in pelleted chicken feed was unaffected. 
Heat stability Bacillus is a spore-forming bacteria and thus the spores contained in the product inherently withstand high pelleting temperatures up to 95°C. 
Compatibility claims Compatible with formic acid, diclazuril, decoquinate, narasin/nicarbazin, narasin, halofuginone, monensium sodium, robenidine, maduramicin ammonium, salinomycin sodium, senduramycin sodium and lasalocid sodium
Carrier Calcium carbonate
Handling Inhalation of dust should be avoided. Gloves and goggles should be worn to reduce contact with dust
Producer Chr. Hansen

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