We offer a wide range of services within pig nutrition and feed additives for pig and monogastric feed.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for advice in these areas:



Pig feed and nutrition and feeding schemes in general. Evaluation of complete feed in terms of animal performance.

Evaluation of individual raw materials, e.g. feeding value, maximum inclusion rate. If you are considering developing new raw materials we offer support regarding both nutritional considerations as well as commercial issues.

Feed formulation either based on Danish recommendations or based on your specific


If you wish to improve the quality of the feed and animal performance we can advise you. You are also very welcome to ask questions related to the feed additives that we have listed on our site.

How to use feed additives e.g. enzymes, probiotics and avoid pitfalls and waste money. This could be dosage recommendations and feed formulation changes, heat tolerance and risk of reduced effect of the additive and much more.

Product development mentoring based on EU Regulation 1831/2003 requirements.

Have you been offered a new product but still not fully convinced about the claims? Then you should contact us for a tailor-made report on the product. We make product reports on specific products based on published trial results including a thorough discussion of the results.


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